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Fast1 Motor Group offers quality vehicle servicing and repairs for people needing a car mechanic in Helensvale. We have a team of highly trained and experienced mechanics, who are dedicated to providing expert care for your car.

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At Fast1 Motor Group, our mechanics are qualified and experienced enough to handle all your automotive needs.
Auto transmission services are done at regular intervals to improve the performance and lifespan of your car and its transmission. It prevents wear and damage, reducing the chances of expensive repairs in future.
Servicing your car’s air conditioning system regularly is important to keep it running trouble-free for longer. Proper care and maintenance ensure faults like refrigerant leaks can be caught early.
Damaged or worn our breaks can be a serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Whether it’s being able to stop properly or accurately changing gears, these are all integral parts of driving that need to be running smoothly. At Fast1 Motor Group, we have a team of skilled mechanics who can restore the condition of your car’s clutch and brakes, ensuring your safety on the road.

Many people believe that a car should only be sent to the original manufacturer for servicing to keep their warranty intact — this isn’t true. Getting your car serviced by a licensed and registered mechanic has no impact on your car’s warranty. An authorised mechanic can service your vehicle professionally and stamp your logbook to maintain your car’s warranty.

Fast1 Motor Group is an authorised mechanic, who can service your car under the manufacturer’s standards and stamp your logbook.

Electrical issues often happen without you knowing and can be cause for serious concern depending on what has malfunctioned. While some jobs can be fixed yourself, auto electrical repairs should always be carried out by licensed professionals. Here at Fast1 Motor Group, we are trained to find and fix electrical issues in cars of all types and sizes.

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Whether you are looking for a transmission specialist in Helensvale or a licensed and registered mechanic to offer you logbook services, get in touch with Fast1 Motor Group today.

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