Fleet Management

Fleet Management System

If you’re looking to outsource your fleet management system to an external fleet services provider, look no further than Fast1 Motor Group.

Fleet management allows companies that rely on transportation in business (this could include commercial motor vehicles such as cars, vans, trucks, or even private vehicles used for work purposes) to remove or minimise the risks associated with vehicle investment and improve efficiency.

Managing a load of commercial vehicles can be challenging as vehicle fleet management is dependent on matters such as legislation changes, car market uncertainty, and spiralling costs. This is why it’s sometimes difficult to manage your fleet yourself – but not to worry, Fast1 Motor Group’s expertise is here to help.

Fleet management is the process used to manage all fleet and asset information, and this means that an appropriate fleet management system is necessary. At Fast1 Motor Group, we possess the right software to accumulate, store, process, monitor, report, and export information based on your fleet.

Our Fleet Management Services

A fleet manager is responsible for four key areas, but at Fast1 Motor Group, we can take care of this for you. Fleet services include:
Evaluating changes to vehicle legislation and determining the purpose and sustainability of vehicles are things we can take care of at Fast1 Motor Group. Instead of using an in-house fleet manager who may not be familiar with these practices, our fleet management experts at Fast1 Motor Group can help instead.
For any fleet manager, a tough challenge is saving costs when it comes to fuel consumption. Naturally, fluctuations in fuel price is something that is uncontrollable. However, some options can help reduce fuel costs. At Fast1 Motor Group, we’ll apply our expertise to evaluate the possibilities for you, to give you the best deal.

A fleet manager’s major responsibility is to ensure that vehicle checks are carried out to comply with legislation. This is something that can be taken care of by us at Fast1 Motor Group and includes checks such as pre-purchase vehicle inspections, regular maintenance checks, and ensuring that any reported defects have been corrected.

Managing a fleet of commercial vehicles can generate a lot of data that the fleet manager has to review. Usually, sifting through mass amounts of information is time-consuming and often means you miss the more important pieces of data. At Fast1 Motor Group, our expert fleet management system can tackle these large amounts of information for you.

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If you’re having difficulty managing a fleet for your business and are in need of a fleet management service, Fast1 Motor Group is here to help. To find out more information on our services and our one-stop car shop, call us today on 07 5591 2346 or email us on support@fast1motorgroup.com.au

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