Panel Beater Ashmore

Panel Beater in Ashmore

We are one of the leading panel beaters in Ashmore, offering high-quality repair, spray painting, car detailing and other services for when your car encounters and accident.

Why Trust Us?

Our customers count on us for high-quality panel beating services and insurance work. We believe the entire process of getting your car fixed should be hassle-free. There are no hidden fees and or unnecessary work done on your car.

The team at Fast1 Motor Group is adept at all types of car repair services from panel beating to wheel repairs. We use the latest techniques and technologies to deliver the very best service in Ashmore.

What We Do?


Determine the damage

We will assess the damage your car has taken by disassembling the affected area and looking for unseen damage.



If your car has sustained heavy damage, we’ll use computerised technology to assess if the body or chassis of the vehicle is still within the standard specifications.



Easy replacement will involve bolted panels being unbolted and replaced. If substantial damage has occurred welding may be the next option.



If the panel hasn’t received structural damage, we can use panel beating techniques to restore the look of your car to brand new.

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